Marketing for Charities

Earning while Helping


We’ve all been approached before, in railway stations, subway ticket areas and other public places….

Fundraising for charities, top charity campaigns at the international level.

A small monthly donation for an important cause, for as long as the donator would wish to do so.

Students, from colleges and high schools, usually looking for a good temporary gig on the side, can make some pretty decent side money on a daily basis.

There are usually recruitment offices for entire groups of major charities involved, and one can apply directly to them for a daily placement or a longer gig….

I tried this myself a couple of weeks ago, just for fun!

But being as I’m a child of 1962, I received a turndown notification, clothed in sincere words, but the message was clear:

This is an activity for people in their teens and twens!


Excercise while working

On your feet all day….

These are jobs where you’re standing or walking all day, addressing passers-by, invoking interest in a cause, helping less fortunate children, supporting education programs in third-world countries, talking to people, showing pictures, reports, diagrams, hoping to convince a few to sign up….

Actually, a really great practice for learning to market!

You meet all kinds of people, from all cultural groups and all walks of life….

One hand helping another

Tired feet at the end of the day

Yes, you’ll be glad the shift’s over when it is, and you can relax in some bistro chair with a cool drink in your hand….

But you know a lot more about how to approach people, how to get them listening, and talking themselves…..

And you’ve most likely found out loads about conditions in certain parts of the world, and can relate more effectively to the necessity of the campaign….

And you’ve earned a day’s full pensum, maybe you’re involved for a whole week or more……

And you get to thinking….maybe there’s a second way such a cause can be supported, a way to cooperate, work in this area, earn a keep from it, something you’re passionate about supporting…..


Online marketing campaign tools

Your own home base, a workplace with substance…..

How do I go about doing that?, you may be asking.

I have a passion…..

How to optimize a performance

Could work on this topic for hours on end…..

But I need a host platform.  I need technical knowhow….

I need the interchange with people who are doing something similar, kind of like the classrooms I’m used to attending…..

Where do I find these opportunities, they don’t grow on trees, as far as I’ve seen….:-).

In the online market, this problem has been seen and addressed, and there exists a superb platform that has actually placed itself in the shoes of those who have asked these questions in the past…..

And has the capability to provide a solution- IN ALL POINTS!

Ooh, that’ll be expensive, many will presume.

This is no longer necessary.

You can test this platform out, by joining, building out a website, absolutely free of charge.

Feel free to google all reviews on it that you can find.

This was the thing that convinced me that I’d actually found something solid, something “worth writing home about”.

And it ended up being true, and even today, after many months of using this platform to my great advantage, there is no pressure to achieve something, to buy this or buy that…..

I invite you to have a look into it…..

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