Overall Ranking:  65 out of 100

Price:  $47 monthly + upsells

Owners:  Adam Horowitz, Justin Atlan and Matt Hullett

Website:  clickbank.com/university


ClickBank University teaches people to create digital products as a Vendor, in the Clickbank Marketplace, or to market other people’s products as an Affiliate.


What ClickBank University Is

In essence, one of the first and largest marketing courses to teach budding Internet entrepreneurs the strategies for success in the virtual marketplace.  This training covers both ends of the marketing spectrum, how to sell your own product, and how to sell someone else’s.

There is a video training program which includes:  a 12 – week Vendor Course, an 8 – week Affiliate Course and ClickBank’s own Website/Funnel Builder.  This last feature costs $297 yearly.  There is advanced training for leveraging Social Media sites like Facebook, YouTube, etc. Also specialized SEO and Interviews.

The initial fee of $49 gives you access to all videos, however there are upsells for the Website/Funnel Builder sites and advanced classes.

Internet Merchants say…

Internet marketers report competitive use of their affiliates’ services by ClickBank.  Product developers who encourage their affiliates to promote their offers on ClickBank, often discover that these services are being used to promote eBusiness products of their own endeavor.  This means that sales are being taken away from these affiliates’ customers through a competing product, and through influencing these affiliates to spend time promoting ClickBank University and its products.  Is this in line with their first-rate promises to publishers?  Is their reputation good as an affiliate network, or are they trying to “top heavy” themselves in the industry?

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Let’s take a Closer Look at the Owners

CEO Matt Hulett:  His involvement with the network is all but invisible, all we know of is his decision and veto activity within ClickBank.

Adam Horwitz:  The founder of Mobile Monopoly, which is a ClickBank product. This product has quite a number of bad reviews, which agree on some practices being questionable.

Justin Atlan:  It’s rather difficult to find some real “stuff” on him on the Internet. His initial product, Rapid Income Flow, is no longer active.

The short lifespan of such products gives a small glimpse into the beginnings of this network as far as their standard for accepted products was concerned, shortly after the founding days….


Some Pretty Stressful Performance Standards

There is no room to spend too much time getting your “sea legs” here.  The “deck sways” if you’re expecting to earn revenue only in one country.  Or two.  Or three.  No, it must be at least four countries.  If a certain percentage of customers want their money back, you lose all network privileges and membership, and you don’t get your money back…

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This can be viewed as a method to sharpen the quality of online products, but the risk taken by providing a poor offer ( a controllable risk), is not the only factor responsible for potential dry stretches in the information marketing arena.

If your income is not yet steady, after stabilizing at a certain level, your recurring expenses will eat up your earnings.  To make matters worse, there is a penal treatment for not making sales, in the form of a monthly charge.  I guess you could say, mathematically speaking, it appears as though they take back your initial and sporadic growth earnings in the periods when you have no sales – one is tempted to think they are rationing payouts… and there has been a plethora of negative reports from affiliates.


Is Promoting CB Ethical, considering this Way of doing Business with Merchants?

Let me ask you:  Would you run a business that competes with your own customers?  If you knew you were accepting products at all quality levels, and knew that you had to improve your reputation as a result of this anyway?

Let me state for the record however: There are many great products at ClickBank!

The product ClickBank itself is of good repute, and most aspects of the training are excellent and very current.  There is always that wait to unlock different levels, though.  And experts will tell you that their website building tool is very good, but is not yet among the top offers out there.

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A Summary of my Opinion of Using ClickBank University

Considering the above points, one would think that a “spirit of desparation” has entered into an originally great affiliate marketing network.  The leadership group has grown, and they are very growth-orientated.  But is it rightful growth, taken partially from merchants partnering their efforts with ClickBank? Are they not the ones they pledge to serve and help, the ones who have brought them such a large chunk of their own revenue?

So many companies follow this route, disregarding the impact this can have on their reputation in coming years, especially after establishing a certain degree of authority product on the Internet.  They tend to develop training hierarchies as well, which can become unattainable for those starting out on more elementary knowledge levels.

In past years however, ClickBank has made major improvements, and is becoming more open and fair in their approach, may this trend continue!


Verdict:  Good Product, questionable business practices, but with an open-ended future.

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