College and Bills

College costs Money

….just like everyone else does…..

You’ve long since discovered that the exemptions are few and far between.

Chances are, you’ve had to move nearer to the college or university you’re attending….

And only a few truly had access to stipendiums…..

So the monthly bills are rolling in, rent, health care, insurance, taxes……

Do college students pay bills?, people who’ve never been there are asking you.

They seem to think you’re living in the home of your very rich parents, who are taking care of everything for you…..


College tuition funding

A stream of money


A life of security

A rich home base

Yes, for decades, people believed ( and some still do), that one doesn’t come without the other.

If you’re getting higher education, you must be in a higher income class!

Often, you are the only one who knows what a myth that is….

And it can be difficult getting the message across…..

Most likely, you’ve had to make some severe sacrifices for a chance to establish a better future for yourself.

Many a sunny, beautiful weekend presents itself for a wonderful excursion- expenses not included!

Instead, you find yourself in a flat, or in a small cafe, studying…..

Seeing others whiz around the nearby park, eating their ice cream cones, laughing or chasing pokemons….

And you think:    Seven more years….don’t even know if I’ll have that next tuition payment ready by the fall, and McDonald’s isn’t hiring presently….


Best place study home

My study corner


Quiet places study

In here all the time…..

And it’s true, student jobs aren’t always easier to come by…..

And the worry, not knowing if you’ll be able to finish, isn’t helping……

I had a cousin who got lucky, many years ago.  She was able to find a job as a train meals attendant.  But the usual problems were a constant struggle….

The monthly work plans called for very irregular hours and you never knew in which city you would end up in at the end of your shift, and always had to calculate the travel time back…..

She went on to become a college instructor, but she remembers the difficulty of those days….planning was always a hassle, the money was scarce, and often, she had to delay her plans because of it…..saving as best she could.


How to Make Extra Money as a College Student

Too much work on low resources


And the irony of the system is so often expressed by the fact that you have to earn your skill with the peanut incomes of unskilled labor!

This takes its toll on motivation, oftentimes, and so many have just given up, because of the time stretch involved….

And it can take a heavy toll on one’s self-esteem.  Not every unskilled labor job is for everyone!

Some involve heavy lifting or many hours on one’s feet without breaks……

And the contracts can be miserable pieces, guaranteeing nothing except that the current mood of the boss reigns supreme…..


I'm the hammer

A lousy form of security


Bad man bad place

No help at all….

Not exactly the best way to insure that you can attain your professional qualifications that you’ve planned for, had career counselling and testing for, that you know are geared to you and the service you have to offer to the world….

Something just won’t fit here…

You have a dream, a plan, a goal which you are already fully involved in working towards, and the ground may get pulled away from under your feet at any time!

You feel kind of silly, as if there’s a point you’ve missed somewhere along the line.

But for many thousands of students worldwide, this is the norm, the daily grind of imposed inconsistency and insecurity.

If someone gets lucky, their parents may have some out-of-state or oversees contacts, where they can send you at a young age, as an au-pair, looking after children and the household chores.

But the pay is often nothing to write home about…..and often, this is only done so the young person gains some working experience…..



Having to constantly worry about the money to continue, may effect your study performance as well….

The nagging uncertainty has the tendancy to pull at a person, making a steady focus on the work at hand almost impossible.

Motivation, which is a strong factor in staying focussed on a task, or the understanding of a principle or concept, can take a severe hit when you don’t even know if you’ll have access to the material to be covered in the following year!

This can effect the grades you get, not an encouraging outlook!

Ways to make Money as a College Student

Counting the Cost



There is virtue in good planning, if you’re just starting out in your further education, or even if you’ve decided to take a break and review the situation.



It should, firstly, be solid enough for the long haul……

It should have large enough resources to establish a solid stream of income, within a reasonable time frame.

It must leave you enough time for your studies.

Optimally, it can be conducted in a similar envirnoment, with similar tools and equipment that you would use when studying.


What are the tools of the trade?

Use your study skills as your work skills

Sound too good to be true?

Chances are, you’ve got the “tools for the trade” already!

And how, you’re thinking, will this be able to solve the money problems I’m facing?

I think it’s important, be it in your study life, or looking for a supplement income source, to do some serious research on the subject.

There are many offers of income supplement solutions on the Internet.

Without research, you can literally be buying “the cat in the bag”!

You don’t see what you’re getting, till you’re in the middle of it……



The most important thing, in my experience, and that of everyone I’ve talked to is:

What are people saying about this claim of a solution, the ones who have tried it?

Are there professional reviews on this solution?

Are there enough success stories across the board, unbiased, to prove that this solution has “hands and feet”?


Income opportunities for students

Warning signs



…….that immediately separates “the wheat from the chaff”……..

Is someone claiming to have a solution, ready to hand it to you on a silver plate, instantly?

RUN AWAY, if they are. Close the website immediately, they will only waste your time.  And your money….

Is somebody prepared to give solid education and hands-on help, to help YOU yourself produce a serious income stream, that will have the strength and position to enable a good studies access for your next year of education?

The next two years?  Three years?

What are people saying about the resource?

What are people outside the resource saying, professionals with hard core reviewing knowledge?

This will let you know if it’s real or not…..


I invite you to explore this, and form your own opinion……

Make money while at college

Supplement your Income Solidly

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