Critical thinking answers

Practicing critical thinking

Anyone who has ever attended college or university knows it!

You are involved in science, subjects of exact knowledge, literature, medicine, law, economics, etc.

The expectation upon you, which I’m sure your professors emphasize in one way or another, involve the power of persuasion and argument.

You may have taken debating classes in the past.  You’ll remember what was expected… the foundation at your end of the controversy, then release yourself from all conviction, and take the opposite view!

You’ll probably also recall admiring that talent of flexibility that showed….be it your own success or hearing somebody else debate.

This form of mental excercise is not unlike physical fitness training.

New neuronal pathways are created in the brain of someone who is, in this way, flexibly creative.  The art of assessment, analysis and review will become second nature to you as you build out the learning scope of your profession.

This creates the confidence to stand up and speak, or to write books or contributions in scientific journals……

This gives you unquestionable authority in time, and allows you to truly become what you are, in your title.

Perform power analysis

Find proof any way you can


The clout you will posess in your job or position later on, is based on your ability to show that you know more than the average Jane or John about a field of endeavor.

The skill of giving a final, underlaying answer, or prove a detail segment factually, beyond the shadow of a doubt, must be developed in your writing as well.

This way of writing sets you apart from “the rest of the crowd”.  It is an asset that will accompany you for the rest of your adult life.

Not only in your profession.  Any time you are required to provide a critical, instructional viewpoint in an area you’ve researched, you’ll have this advantage.

The news industry, professional journalism, event or travel reporting, critical reviews, marketing, evaluating products and services – it’s everywhere!

Fact fiction statements

Mental prowess


In a situation, in the middle of my studies, trying to plan a gap year on a low budget, needing to stock up my study and research material budget?

Finding opportunities to stock up that budget also requires a critical mind!

The internet, for example, is full of earning opportunities presenting themselves in flying colors, and with great testimonials to boot!

It takes a mind willing to do some factual research, to delve through the myriads of beautiful marketing deco which an endeavor may present up front.

It takes a person used to uncovering the obscure, the hidden signs and proofs of the untrue, exposing something that may have less substance than desired, and to avoid it.

It also requires a mind superbly trained in researching and argumentation, to discover the few opportunities that are solid, that can develop into an income stream in an empirically proven amount of time, and with realistic resources.

You are in a position to find and try the best, to even analyze the training that some of these programs offer, and separate the wheat from the chaff.

You’ll know, from the signs you study, and from sharp efforts to acquire acceptable information, where to draw the line, and where to continue.

If you are looking for such an opportunity, and are ready to embark on a quest of critical research and finding accountability and transparency, I invite you to also try out the following address, which is ready to say “I’m still standing”, when the testing and the studies are done.

May you convince yourself only through the application of analysis and a critical mind……

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