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A Realistic Prospect?

Are you struggling financially because you are in college?   Tuition fees too high?  Wondering if you’ll be able to continue, to graduate, to get that degree? If that’s the case, you’ll want to read this whole page. As I’ve experienced being blocked from attaining my potential because of money in the past, I have a passionate aim to help people avoid having to go through this!


Getting started online

Online earning-an option?



Perhaps you’ve heard that money can be made online? So you looked into it…….OMG! Complicated.  At the hands of fate.  Every little step costs. And everyone’s promising you a million bucks, if you do it their way, or, more likely, do nothing at all but hold still, so they can pull the money out of your pockets…..

So you’re probably sick of the whole concept.  It  never presented you with anything that even comes close to basic life reality. So you’re back trying gas station jobs.  Cleaning gigs.  Waiting on tables.  Babysitting.  Fixing people’s computers.  Walking their dogs.  Etc., etc…….


A door closes

There’s the door….

A small mishap, a small absence due to a severe cold, and “the last one in’s the first one gone”…… No security of any kind, and you’re off searching again, cutting your study time….  and watching tuition fee deadlines! During a rare break from the treadmill, you check your cell phone or laptop for a much-needed distraction, your subconscious mind still in search mode.


Report scams today

Get-rich-quick scams, long story shortened…..

Scams.  More scams. Perhaps you’re at the point now, where you’re looking for reviews to read on them, people who have tried— and were successful? Then you notice wierd things in some of the comments sections. Same style of writing, even repeated messages, manufactured profile images, or no images at all…


Ghostwriter comments

Ghostwriter’s block

Short, crazy messages that tell you no one’s been there and come back a wealthier person. Or the opposite – rediculous claims that can’t be proven one way or the other….



Being a college student, you’re endowed with enough grit to know this isn’t experience speaking! You’d know if it was, because people would be telling real-life stories, you can recognize their feel….


The stories people tell

What really happened….

That there’s some daily, consistent work involved in order to establish something…. And NONE of them help you.  NONE of them answer your questions. And none of them can provide you with something you deserve and are used to:


Education about how to build a platform for something you’re great at, something you love – and actually monetize it! Education about how to make money online, in reality, and in a reasonable time! Education about compacting your available time, without stress, by getting the support you need! Education about being able to plan and predict your income curve, so next year you’ll still be continuing college, or on to university or other further education….

How to make money online as a college student

Work to Succeed



It seems like this whole problem was large enough.  It seems that there were some very energetic and dissatisfied people, picked -off enough to do something about this. Sometimes, it takes a critical mass to initiate a change….. Just like it did before penicillin was invented. Just like it did before the UN was formed. Just like it did when human rights had to be re-defined by international law…. The internet was ready for serious investigation into the possibility of people being able to earn a living, seriously and consistently, just as they expect to do in offline life…..


Offline work soon obsolete

Offline security

Is the market surreal, is it a hoax?


There are three billion people with access to the internet today, and many honest and not-so-honest business people have discovered a vast market, for generations to come. As I write, this discovery is estimated to be in it’s infancy.


How to make money as a college student on the Internet

A market just starting out

Sometimes, when we open up some pop-up page, things leave an overpopulated impression…. Nothing could be further from the truth…. A vast audience of people, searching for products, services, contact, information, and, yes, ways to earn more income!


Population marketplace

Only scratching the surface

And wanting to be told the truth, because this world called Internet is virtual, and cannot be grasped and turned in the light, no lab study of one of its objects can be made….. Yes, it was time for truth. For a reality of opportunity, with “hands and feet”, as they say….

Having had the fortune to find it, to discover that there is substance , creation and work behind it, I will leave no stone unturned in my efforts to share it…..a place where true education is a standard.  Where you can expect to develop returns in an area that actually interests and fascinates you.  A place which doesn’t just provide you with a degree or a certificate to your name, and then, leave you to figure out a market for it. A place which is cognizent of the education AND the life after education, a life of sustainance through earnings in your field of knowledge!

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate University.  There is no sign-up fee to start here, which gives you the freedom to test this opportunity without obligation.


Make money while at college

Supplement your Income Solidly

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