Can I recognize a scam?

Opportunity- Safe or Not?

On this Page, it is my intention to inform you, my readers, be you college students or not, about scams, ways to recognize them, and ways to avoid and expose them. There are some great methods of using information to inform and protect the public from personal losses and being cheated online by dishonest people and shady endeavors.

How do you know if you are being scammed? – a good question! After reading this page and doing additional research you deem necessary , you will have the education to remain protected, armed with a knowledge of how to recognize speedy, shady, dishonest deals online, and be able to avoid them.


Value Values System

Fast, faster, fastest

1.  The Speed At Which Money Can Be Made.

We have all been customers at some point in our lives.  We need food, clothes, shoes, a roof over our heads, a place where our money is secure, etc., etc…

We buy products and services from businesses.  They did not just appear over night, people had to train to become professionals or tradespeople.  They had to work so they could have capital to build their business, starting out slowly, then growing, as they became known and trusted.

If their business has an online presence, they have the additional option of reaching more people. None of them were an instant success. All of them had to invest work and time. And all of them needed to gain a good reputation and customer trust, in order to generate a steady income. In their planning, they had to realise:

This Takes Time!!!

Value for the Marketplace

And the reason for paying is….ahm….

2.  The Amounts Of Money That Are Promised

All “get rich quick” schemes promise you a once-in-a-lifetime, magical acquisition of money.  If this did not have a catch, you would be able to remember a time when you bought a house blindfolded.

Where you reached into a shelf, without looking, trusting that the perfect food for your pet would jump into your hand. When you called a car dealer about a car that’s right for you, and he delivered a Lamborghini and charged you 100 dollars. You don’t remember any such episodes as a customer, do you?


You remember doing research about products and services.  You remember asking your friends or relatives about their experience with a particular business.  You remember looking for trustworthy, provable answers to your questions, and the opportunity to test things out……

You didn’t take an “instant” offer, without knowing what you were buying or who was behind it….. In other words, you bought from people that had to work for your money! That had to provide you with the value you asked for, and had a reputation for doing so!

You never threw a bunch of money at an entrepreneur you knew nothing about, and expected him to provide you with something satisfactory you were looking for, because he would have taken your cash and run for the hills……… But many scams will try to convince you that this works….. That you’ll get money thrown at you just for clicking on something repeatedly, which isn’t your own, which you have not created or helped build up, just passed on…… This is not economics.  This does not work!

How much is your money worth?

Look what we have for you……pay now…..

3.  Every Time You Interact, There Is An Upsell With A Wild Promise Of Money Or Partnership.

This should tell us where the value is coming from. The value for the scam’s endeavor is not coming from their accomplishments or abilities. It is coming out of YOUR pocket!

Can I make extra money?

You just have to pass that square…..

4.  You Are Only Asked To Resell What Already Exists….

This makes absolutely NO economic sense……

Even a truck driver delivering already existing products to a supermarket, is doing a job, working on the accessibility of a product, and gets a paycheck for his work.  There is effort involved in order for payment to be justified……. Otherwise, somebody loses! No.  We know that money does not grow on trees…….


So now, with these four recognizable red flags glaring at you when you open the site of another “once in a lifetime, get rich now” opportunity, you are armed with the knowledge of what to avoid on sight, maybe saving yourself endless hours of wasted time…….

And you’re asking yourself…..

Is there anything REAL out there?



Foundation vs trust

A solid object wanted…..


Is there a way to find a real business opportunity? What is left, when everything shiny and useless is stripped away?

How to build up trust

Brick-and-mortar elements

A platform that is ready to tell you that you can only succeed if you put in some work. A platform that is prepared to provide the education on how this work reaches its highest effectivity! A platform that is, itself, composed of people who work…… A platform that offers support, current information and answers questions quickly and reliably……. A platform where people don’t need to pull money out of anyone’s pockets, because the infrastructure is correct and profitable…….. A platform that shows people how to reap reward for their own creativity……

Why should I have trust?

There’s a market for creative intelligence

And a place that acknowledges the talents and merits that a person brings in. And a place you can actually join for free, without a credit card……. Have a look around, google it, see what’s being said…..

And then, have a look in!


Make money while at college

Supplement your Income Solidly

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