Real Ways to Earn Money on the Internet

Creating and Sharing Substance

If you’re in an education process, and have acquired enough knowledge to help others, there is a living to be made on the Internet! We have all only begun to scratch the surface of what is possible, here. Not only do you have a potential audience out of a ten-digit range, you also have immense powers of research and networking at your disposal!

Powers of the Internet Revealed

Powers at your Fingertips

People everywhere, are no longer standing or sitting around reading books, you just don’t see it that much anymore….

They all have devices in their hands.

Their knowledge source is the virtual world. They hunt for jobs on the Internet.  They buy products and services online.  They study and research online. They look for blog forums to help them with exam questions.  They even comb websites for better concentration methods, study groups and tools. Studying together has long since become an endeavor of forum admin’s……



Sell your notes

My work has value…

If you google “study help to earn money” or “earn money for studying”, you will find some great addresses and platforms which run exchange and earning programs for your study notes.  Check the testimonials of people working on these platforms – be sure you’ll be getting paid for what you’re offering.

What Standard must my Notes Meet?

Be sure to have an overall structure and layout to your notes, imagine you are a student reading them.  Highlight the important points to remember, have good titles for subject parts and include references to any online reading material these people can benefit from. A logical buildup of the material will help with memory retention – the readers’, as well as your own!  Summarize where no important points can be lost, remembering your own experience when confronted with loads of information.  Provide links to authoritative reference work, diagrams or images.  You will find that this process helps you organize your own comprehensive structure, again enabling you to provide an even better presentation.



Clinical trials jobs

Working for helpful discoveries

So many students have access to apply for things like medical research studies or other university – based studies. There may be rules for involvement though, sometimes the nearest opportunity can be in an entirely different profession, and yet have learning potential for you as well.

Many medications and treatments that are new to the medical field are at the stage of research, where clinical trials and testing of the future product are needed.  Consult with your personal physician before joining such a testing project!  Some research studies may require that you have certain genetic traits or a currently valid medical condition.  Make sure you inform yourself thoroughly and carefully of possible side effects, and be certain that you can terminate your involvement in the project at any time. Make sure you are well – educated about what you will be taking, and exactly what will happen in your body, and how long it will last.

It isn’t always about medications, though. Whatever the study entails, you must be sure you are comfortable with it, before agreeing to participate.  Again, it can’t be said enough, make sure your medical doctor approves, and seek knowledge and advice from professionals you both trust.  Remember to be 100% honest about your health, past and present ( even a history of drug use, if applicable).

Clinical trials can last for months, during which time you report back in periodically, for tests and assessments. Make sure you can free up the necessary time.  One great advantage when involved in a clinical research trial, is that they offer excellent medical care, free of charge.

You can find clinical research trials through different sources like, local universities, clinics or hospitals.  Or google clinical trials links to authority sources.



Student teacher jobs

Sharing knowledge with those who seek it

Student Employment Services can be found on the Internet in practically every country.  There are centres all across the major western nations, which are linked to all major colleges and universities. They can inform you of what is available in your area regarding part – time work.

They can advise you about employers that are helpful and understanding of students’ needs, and will assist in finding work which you can well integrate in your courses schedule.  There is a platform called Job Shop, which works with all major universities in the UK and other Commonwealth countries.  A section where information and contact details of such cooperating networks in all major countries is listed, is in planning for this site.



Top part time jobs for college students

Some immediate and flexible ideas to consider

There are many ways for temporary jobbing when a solution is needed to top up savings and earn some extra cash. Bar jobs can be an option, there are many recurring openings in larger university towns.  Call centres could be a possibility, they usually have flexible hours and quite decent pay.  Also catering companies and local restaurants, where the tips for friendly service can almost double your income in some cases!

Temporary agencies often have jobs that need doing at special events or seasonal municipal projects.

Another area of employment is, believe it or not, university tours for new students. Yes, they pay for such services!  Likewise for flyering, working for the students’ union and brand events on campus.

Here are some additional links for the UK, more countries’ resources to be added soon!

I sincerely hope this article will provide many starting ideas and references for job opportunities, and invite comments, questions and contact, should the occasion arise.  Many thanks for reading!

Best Regards,