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What can I do about fraudulent callers?

Recently, a platform for identifying scam phone callers has been a topic of online news.  It’s a US – based network, which has created a search engine for identifying any callers based in the US. This news comes as a relief to many people, who are frequently plagued by unwanted and unsolicited telephone calls.  Such callers have always based their activity on the knowledge that for all, excluding government agencies, they are hard to trace.  So they do their verbal “dirty work”, and move on.  Or they misuse connecting functions to create a source of illicit income for themselves.

Always taking advantage of the fact that they are all but invisible.  College students and younger people who do a lot of communicating by cellphone, always have data “in the air”, so to speak. They are more prone to being “tapped” by resourceful criminals who are already spamming one of their contacts. Sometimes, for purposes of registration in online clubs or forums, phone contact details are required, and the Internet is all but leak-free!

This company, PhoneOwner, now offers a solution, where you can check up on any person who’s calling.  The idea of a search engine for public reverse tracing has been envisioned by many, and now it’s a reality!  It will expose a US – based scammer.  The data it will reveal includes the person’s name, their owned number, information about their mailing address and even their recent history. Quite a different ball game for a scammer now!  The fear of exposure is their biggest nightmare.  A solution whose time has come……



Telephone scam numbers

You don’t see me…

Some of these shady characters just cost you a lot of time.  Some are real naggers, cold callers for obscure products, not sold in stores, or promising you immediate rescue from crushing medical bills…  And some are downright dangerous.  They can reroute a call-back through an old, registry – deleted number located in such far – away places as the Carribean or Cuba. They even falsely add them to business addresses and then, the scammers charge the long – distance call to yours – the active number.

PhoneOwner is the best anti – scam tool I’ve seen in a long time.  Strange calls can be pinpointed before the endeavors of their perpetrators turn into costly scams.


In the US alone, the yearly statistics show thousands of people who have lost money to telephone scams, sometimes their entire life savings.  So many crooks hide behind fancy company names, promising new retirement plans or claiming to have the perfect investment solution for your “unsafe savings”. They’re usually quite friendly, asking about your family, making small talk. They may send you e-mails or ads, which purpose is to have you calling them.

Scam number list

You looking for me?

The best policy with strangers making offers on the phone, is to say “No, thank you”, and hang up.  Don’t even give them the chance to ask for personal information like a social security number or the details of a credit card. All people who ask for such information, you can safely assume they are scammers.  I strongly encourage you to report these calls to the Federal Trade Commission, or corresponding government agencies in non – US countries.


1)  They won’t give you time to think about their offer.

2)  They have selected you as a favored customer.

3)  Of course, there is a “free” bonus.

4)  You’ve been selected as a winner.

5)  You’re a lottery winner in a foreign country.

6)  Their investment plan is “the best” and “practically risk – free”.

7)  You must decide right now.

8)  “Don’t you trust me” – type of pressure

9)   “Our company has the most excellent reputation, no checking necessary”.

10) “We make it easy, all shipping and handling is charged on your credit card”.


In the US, this is a list which numbers may not be called by solicitors by phone. Have yourself registered there.  This will filter out about 90% of these calls, and the rest are not abiding by the law.

Recent phone scams

Let’s try one more

You can report them to the above mentioned agency (

In conclusion, always check sources before committing yourself to anything. Give yourself 24 hours in any case.  And never give out private information, or confirm it ( that’s a trick to get voice approval).  Have things mailed or sent to you in writing, if you want to know more about an offer.  And make use of new scam – exposing services like

I hope this article has been helpful in clearing up questions about what to do if you get scam calls.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below, and thank you for reading!

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