What is Affilorama Affiliate Program?

Name:  Affilorama

Overall Ranking:  87 out of 100

Price:  $0.  $1 for 30- day trial  $67/mo for premium membership.  $997 for AffiloJetpack

Owner:  Mark Ling

Website:  www.affilorama.com


What is Affilorama Affiliate Program?

An affiliate marketing course, offering training and tools for beginners to more experienced affiliate marketers.  This course was created by Mark Ling in 2005.  Who is he?

Mark Ling on the job


Mark Ling is a creator of online products, with considerable rapport in the internet marketing world.  He has created products such as Jamarama, and state-of-the-art guitar training courses.  With Affilorama, he has remained true to a high standard of quality, in the niche of affiliate marketing.  Good content material with high relevancy allows this system to be one of the top training programs available today.  It has excellent testimonials, as well as some visible flaws.


What Benefits does Affilorama Offer?

–  Affilorama membership has different levels and products that can be chosen. Some of their more intricate options include excellent plugin tools.  Compared to many offers out there, Affilorama training is reasonably current.


The Pros and Cons of Affilorama Training

The Pros:

– You may opt for a free trial, which allows you to implement the basics.

–  The education is easy to follow and implement, and the software applications correspond to this.

–  You have access to a large marketing community.

–  The owner, Mark Ling, has excellent references in the IM industry.

–  There is a three year payment option for the Premium payment program.


The Cons:

–  There are loads of options about which way to proceed, can be a difficult choice for a newcomer.

–  There is a system of upsells in the program progression structure.

–  Some misleading information that can create problems about reputation with the search engines.

–  The starter basics are not in-depth enough to naturally lead to a smooth transfer to the paid programs.

–  No direct access to the owner, there is always a support team in between.

Free online marketing classes


A natural progression to learn Pro Affiliate Marketing – See here.


What is Affilorama’s Marketer Audience?

As there are many levels to choose from, with training, anyone who wants to make some online residuals as an affiliate marketer, can use Affilorama. From the basics of website-building to specialized promotional techniques, the training course covers it.  You can start as a complete newbie.  The knowledge and experience of Mark Ling, a highly prolific affiliate marketer in the industry, is the framework of the training.  Not only does he know the ins and outs of having affiliates, but he promotes his own products and services, showing his expertise in this as well.


A Closer Look at Affilorama Training

The first phase is the basic starter program, which includes videos and internet tools to be used in progression, step by step.  Analysis and site ranking tools are available and accessible.

Added training builds up on this, with an interesting highlight of interviews with successful online business people and bootcamp videos.  Existing content for your chosen niche can be had.  I personally am not a fan of this, as it constitutes duplicate content, unless you do your own take on it.  But it can enable ideas and structuring examples.

Also, there is the Affilorama Jetpack, a customized hosting and website-building package, and the Affilorama Theme, an additional version of this offer.


Can I ask Mark Ling for help?

At all stages within Affilorama, you can have support from members, even free members.  This can help, or it cannot… Mostly, someone is online and ready, but not always.  The forum gives support in a delayed mode, and sometimes you wait several days for an answer.  However, the help can then sometimes be more in line with the precise question, as opposed to telephone or live chat type support.

Message boards and forums allow for all discussion and communication to be shared in the community.  Sometimes, Mark himself will join in, but if you’re asking questions, expect a strongly delayed response, or even none at all. He is a tight-schedule business person, and is consistently involved in many projects at the same time.

Internet marketing online courses


What Does Affilorama Cost?

Sometimes, you can “see more woods than trees” here, because Affilorama has so many products, packages and upsells. This can be scary if you’re on a limited budget.  Also, it constrains the learning flow, especially at basic stages where access to all subjects and procedures must, more often than not, work together.  Enter the “natural progression” of learning and becoming professional, which I wrote about earlier in this article.

These products are of a high standard, although in my experience, they don’t have the edge on the ones that can be found here., as related to affiliate marketing training.


The Products of Affilorama and their Prices

Premium membership is $67/mo , it is the fundamental offer at Affilorama. Limited hosting, software, training and forum access are included.  These are state-of-the-art, and are updated to remain competitive.  One less-good thing about this training however, is a too-bold emphasis on backlinking.  Google doesn’t particularly love this, unless it is discreet and used sparingly in advanced, very specialized marketing sites.  It is not something to learn as a newbie, because the implementation can quickly become mis-implementation, it’s comparable to the cog of a Lamborghini engine suddenly appearing in a Volvo…… (discretion advised, not emphasis!)

Also, a second point of disagreement about an item in the Premium package is the emphasis on PLR (Private Label Rights).  This is outdated as a strategy in training.  It is duplicate content, and nowadays, if it appears on a website, the search engines will detect it, and you will be off the search ranking list.


Premium Tools

The Premium membership has 15 tools. Some are more current than others.  I.e. one that determines Google Page Rank.  It does not incorporate the concept of website trust with search engines, an important result of high-quality site maintenance, content creation and engagement with visitors.  Affilorama has a need to stay more abreast of internet marketing – and search engine strategy developments.

The tool called Social Snoop, to link to social sites (through backlinking), is another example of this.  Already in 2012, SEO experts agreed that this combination is harmful to a website. Beware also, of article spinning tools, they are absolutely machine-made, anti-original, search engines will detect them and “throw them out”!


Why Not with Less Upsells?

Comparing Affilorama with other platforms out there, with respect of course, for all the top-notch things this program offers, $67/mo is a pretty top-end price, and access to the full range of products and services should be a Must. May each reader build their own opinion, though.  Feel free to compare all offers and to have a look at all free packages out there, and a preliminary glimpse into the premium offers…


The First Upsell:  AffiloBlueprint 3.0 Membership

The initial purchase is $197, after that, $67/mo .  In the package are:  13 Lessons, 85 Videos (topics range from niche research and marketing to traffic strategies (SEO) to Pay Per Click through the Google Content Network and 6 WordPress themes).

This then leads to an upsell when you join, of Affilorama Premium.  AffiloBlueprint does not come with support.  If you want the help and support, you will pay another $67 per month.


The Second Upsell:  Membership in AffiloJetpack, $497

No doubt of it, this is a top-notch program, directly from the hands of Mark Ling himself, it can help you to earn doing promotional work for his products and services.  This, I am certain, is of excellent quality.

With entry into membership, the following is accessible to you:

1)  Choosing 5 niche packages (10 are available)

2)  Access to use the AffiloTheme

3)  20 PLR articles

4)  15 newsletter e-mail series, for each niche, one

5)  3 e-books (3 for each niche), meant to be used for free reports

6)  Graphics for every individual niche

Of course, the top winner here is Mark, who can optimally train you to become his earning affiliate, and his product sales earn him even more money.  A clear motive to his advantage, to my thinking, which he could easily include in the membership price…

An absolutely qualitative offer, yes, but since the pricing is upper end of the scale, I think it should definately be included.

Online marketing training beginners


The Third Upsell:  Affilotheme, $97

This is, fortunately, the last of the core upsells you will need, to be successful with Affilorama.  It’s from WordPress and comes with training to implement it. You will have one year of free hosting, after which you are invited to join Premium, to keep the hosting.  The WordPress content management system is a huge Plus.

The Affilotheme offer includes the theme, top training videos, a forum for private members, one-year hosting guarantee and a great graphics tool.

At Affilorama, Premium is just the first step after Basic.  If you invest in all the core packages needed for success here, you’ll be spending $791 plus $67 monthly, for the framework and components of Premium membership. Something worth thinking about, before embarking on the training.


Summary of My Affilorama Review

Affilorama is an authoritative product out there, it has state-of-the-art training, tools and support.  Even if I have criticisms of certain parts of this endeavor, Mark Ling and his creation, Affilorama, belong to the LEGITIMATE businesses in the field of online marketing and training.

The two drawbacks, upsells and the few training strategies that aren’t current, can cause some irritation for someone just starting out in the trade of Internet marketing.  I would advise a careful approach and a good course of action mapped out before you begin.  Start with basic Premium if you decide to join., and add additional features and packages if you feel well with it, and your budget allows for it.


My Verdict

Affilorama is Legitimate.  Quality training, needs some updating, and the upsells are somewhat expensive.

Thank you for Reading.

Best Regards,