Why do people fall for scams in the first place? It’s a question that’s been addressed by psychologists, coaches, recruiting professionals, help centres and the clergy, in myriads of written publications, talks and presentations.

Growing depression

A Nowhere Road

What could cause people to become so desparate, that they’re willing to walk away from all common sense, throwing themselves, literally, into the hands of fate?

As backdrop, having a horror of every process that takes time, and downright feeling a drop in the stomach, at the thought of exerting effort for a cause, or for their livelihood…..

For those of us, who know what procrastination is, we know it leaves us no choice but to seek a quick solution, quick cash, quick security, to block out a feeling of lack in all those areas……

Because there’s a wall inside us, holding us back…..you can’t get at that wall, you can no longer define it.  An aversion without a name.  A jail cell with no door.

It’s slipped into the subconscious…….


You have an idea.  You want to improve your education and your market value.

But somehow…….you’ll do it tomorrow.

You don’t know why, and you hate it…but…..you’ll do it tomorrow.

You know there’s effort involved, and you know, the only sensible thing to do, is to get organized….but……you’ll do it tomorrow.

Silly, this is just a wet paper bag? I can fight my way through it anytime.


In the next stage, there are already traces of the poison…..

An empty mind

I’m not worthy


The worst killer in human history, the instigator of every imaginable misuse the human race has ever allowed into the recesses of an unprotected mind.

The seed is planted.  Soon the little plant emerges, but it’s not beautiful like this one.

Lucky clover left over

Desparate beauty


The king of ugliness and disgust, among the emotions. In fact, it’s so ugly, that the conscious mind will push it down.

Deep down, where it develops a power of its own, in darkness, unseen to the human eye. And it’s hungry.

It sees something edible, which, if we could see it, we would define it as the work ethic.

The hunt and the kill take time. By the time it’s devouring the carcass, and surfacing for more, it’s too late to feel the pain.

All you can feel, is tiredness and an aversion to exertion in a neglected area, and this grows and grows, alittle bit faster every day.

The next organism on Guilt’s offspring, Shame’s list, is self-esteem.

You start to realize you’re getting nowhere fast, even if you’re working 18 hours a day.

You feel like you’re doing nothing.  You feel worthless…….because of one important, vital task you’re avoiding, the task, whatever it may be, that would start bringing order into your life, or money into your bank account.

You feel the significance of that task, and your shame pales beside it. Causing more aversion and resistence.  Your procrastination is now fully grown, and has its own identity.

When someone mentions the word discipline, you just close up inside, it’s the most unattractive thing in your universe.

Of course, you’re working frantically, maybe ruining your health, because now you NEED to recognize yourself as a Hard Worker, to counteract that imbalance caused by the carnage inside.

Shame is heavily armed, in its role as the most destructive warrior in the known, psychological universe.

You see yourself reflected negatively in the people around you. Like red’s polarity being green, you see the green go sign in all their successes, both great and small.  You feel happy for them, but it’s a mental exercise to sooth the increasing loss of ethic, which, now, the passage of time is hollowing out as well.


You know you need to start, because the disorder starts spreading to other areas of your life as well…..


as the ever more powerful little monster, residing in a secret recess, pulls the strings of his favorite little puppet, Shame.  And as long as Shame has food, he’s happy to do his master’s bidding.

Relationships in business or on the job begin to suffer, because of the constant alertness that’s needed, to maintain that inner status quo of being disciplined, hard-working, successful AND happy.

Unhappy people are avoided in society, because they’re a drain on energy, their inner need is obvious, and the suction begins…..

Because that’s hard to cache, it needs to be covered. A nervous, stilted merriness can develop, which is even more of a push-off than downright unhappiness or a depressive disorder…..


has now been reached, and its level is climbing quickly, to soon engulf the barrier to an outright mental illness.

This is a stage where people are known as absolutely normal, they won’t do anything rash in society, but they will do it to themselves, because the Shame is now gobbling up their prosperity.

They can’t find anything they like to do, and now, they can’t even find something they would feel ABLE to do.

In this state, they won’t be excelling.

They won’t be taking their craft before kings, as a saying goes.

They won’t be able to.

The dream has been subdued to the surface of their identity, and what loses ground, gets nervous.

The opening of multiple distractions presents itself in or slightly before this ideal moment.

Distractions every moment

You Me Everything


are born.


And they’re tailored to catch your missing links. Quick money.  Quick happiness.  Satisfying deeds, if only they could be found!


with the good news that they love their work, and are earning their keep.

The two are practically synonyms, you see.

In order to get rich hating your work, you have to play in the lottery, though, there’s just no other way that will work.  Bar none.



Against the Enemy Procrastination, whose power is that of natural accumulation and stealth, there is no other weapon that will work.



And walk towards opportunities that assure you that you’ll have to work, to get things done.

Because the great-grandchild of Procrastination is Poverty.


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