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In the US alone, it is estimated that by 2018, about 70% of all government-related jobs will demand at least some post-secondary education.  The balance between a high work force participation and more unemployment will be more and more determined by a graduate’s ability to present at least a bachelor’s degree in his/her line of study.  In central Europe, this situation has advanced even more, competitive trends in specialization are increasing…

Median annual earnings charts from even as early as 2012, were showing vast differences in the US job market.  People with a professional degree were earning significantly more than twice as much as those with an associate’s degree, and still almost twice as much as those with a bachelor’s degree.  Those with only some college without a degree were way down in the rankings….  There were twice as many high school graduates without a job as individuals with a bachelor’s degree.  And we’re talking about a report that’s five years old!

Predictions show a trend:  in America, post-secondary positions available, are estimated to rise from 59% to a very minimum of 63%….. (taken from a period measured from 2008 to 2018).  The apparent slowness of this trend should not be underestimated – such trends incorporate avenues of growth across a whole nation’s population.

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In the government-related job sector, it’s already a reality that 70% of the available positions require post-secondary education, of which 33% demand at least a bachelor’s degree. The US Bureau of Labor published a report about the generally higher earnings of college graduates as opposed to others, the chasm is vast – 74%!  Job security, insurance and retirement plans are also much more accessable in the higher degree range!

Western-based universities are a magnet for students across the globe for this very reason; they’ve come because they know what they want:  a high standard of education and a degree that will open the portal to a satisfying and lucrative professional career.

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There seem to be generally three types of students that enter college or university:

1)  Students who will definately succeed because there is no room for failure in their life planning, these comprise about 10%.

2)  Some seem to be doomed to failure, because their own personal vision and motivation is lacking, which means they don’t have the true inner drive to attain the educational goals necessary to their planning, another estimated 10% of all applicants.

3)  The remaining 80%, bright, talented minds, who could lean either way.  They are the ones who are most open to influences and impacts, as education systems develop and advance.  The key element of decision for this third, large group is the balance between investment and the ensuing value…

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Many young people are discouraged because of the high cost of education. Even with the accessability of student loans, high interest repayment coupled with thinned-out job generating sectors can be a total blockage in moving foreward.  Students who already have families, or who see the time and cost involved in getting a post-secondary education often choose to join the work force straight out of high school, so they can generate income quickly.

Oftentimes, during the time of their new involvement in a job, they will see that money’s coming in, and wonder if they should invest that further time at all…

This may bring peace of mind and security for a while, but inevitably, after about three years, the thought will begin to cause a troubled mind…..:  “Am I doomed to stay at this level for the rest of my life?”

74%!  An impacting fact, that those with college degrees will be earning 100% of what is possible, as opposed to those without, at 26%…..

I believe there’s a thinking trap that can be detected, and should be avoided: “Let’s see the salary I get in my first job!”. It is important, at this point, to step back (even take some time out), to see the bigger picture.  The real, true blue returns on a student’s educational investment are found here:  in their second, third or fourth job after graduating from college!  Three years are not enough, in the field of college education, to determine what this education is worth!  For the real viewpoint, it is necessary to take a scope of at least five years….  This is all about the benefits for a whole lifetime. This is about the serious nature of the impact of a quality educational foundation.


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Recessions are a prime example of what a lack of education can weigh…  This difference in thinking and planning will produce entirely different results for a person considering post-secondary studies.  Unemployment strikes the less educated first, they are far more replaceable in their jobs, and their knowledge level does not match the level of a sorely needed and educated professional in the work force.  Whether it be in the in any of the following fields and more:  the fields of medicine, law, business, economics, transport, production, manufacturing, innovation, energy resources, technology, the arts, the virtual world or any other field that steers the progress of our civilization today.

Such jobs and businesses are much harder to do without, and they are aimed directly at the plethora of needs individuals in an evolving society have, by the millions….

This is worth thinking about!  A doctor who is qualified, will always find people who have health problems.  A doctor’s assistent will find a place to bridge the gap between the professionals and the many people who need them.  A person educated in computer science may actually be swamped by job opportunities, and they will be very thankful for bachelors and assistents to call upon, just to manage the work load in this age of exploding technical advancement.  And on and on it goes, the more educated a person is, the more their services are needed…

Post secondary degree means

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A college student’s degree leverages his/her personal worth in our economy and society.  It’s a fact of life.  It protects you during low economic activity times. This has long-term benefits for not only the owners of the degree, but for their whole families as well…  As Jason Boyers, the president and CEO of Cleary University stated in a recent article: “Education is worth the cost, time and investment if not for anything more than this – Economic Destiny is determined through Education.”

Once you have a college or university degree, it can never be taken away from you.  After obtaining their degree, most first-generation college graduates take a different approach to life.  They are viewed with more respect by those around them.  Not only do they have highly developed skills and a much larger clout on the job market, but they become a fortress of encouragement and inspiration for friends and members of their own family, who may need that extra drive to get involved in changing their own circumstances.

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They influence older viewpoints about education, and this new attitude is carried to the next generation, and what will this cause?



Yes, we’ve all seen at least parts of this process happening, citizens of poorer nations, if they can find a way, send their sons and daughters to western-based universities and colleges – perhaps you are one of the ones taking this pioneer action for your family….and the whole group’s economic perspective will undergo a slow but lasting change for the better….not to be removed ever again, because darkness is only possible with the absence of light.

Poverty and a lack of education are bosom buddies.  They reproduce one another constantly, from generation to generation.  Education is the only weapon that has been proven time and time again, to break this cycle.  Its effect is deeper and imminently more powerful than any program that can ever be developed to ease economic strain in society and cultures.

Education gives you clear vision – What can I do to help myself?  How can I make a true and lasting change in my life, perhaps in my whole family’s history? These changes are lasting.  Solid. Concrete.  You will feel differently, every time you’re socializing, telling your story. Why?  Because you’ve changed the story’s outcome!  The whole power of your daily life experience is a different one…., you may have seen this in others.

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It’s important to angle every possible opportunity to make education and skills of the modern world more attainable, it is the single greatest catalyst for a change to peaceful and prosperous societies and economies, in any nation and at any time…  Not only must we re-commit to our own education, but also provide for, and inform about stepping stones that can make a difference in decision-making times.  Penny-counting times, so to speak.  Decisions about career- and life planning, about life skills and job skills, about trends of development in our civilization.

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