Name of the Product:  Wealthy Affiliate University

Overall Ranking:  98 out of 100

Price:  $0 Starter Fee and $49/mo Premium Membership

Owners:  Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim




What exactly, is Wealthy Affiliate University?

It is an online training institution that teaches Website Building and Affiliate Marketing.  The largest and most comprehensive source of knowledge and training on these subjects, that can be found currently, worldwide.  It literally teaches you to make money online, free. I have chosen this platform as my first review, because of its authoritative position in the industry.

Here’s a look inside:


Wealthy Affiliate University

This marketing training course covers every aspect of what you’ll need to make a successful entry, presence and a monetarily profitable web business in the online world.  It will keep you abreast of all search engine algorithm changes, so your ability to remain competitive is guaranteed.

There are two distinct training routes that are offered.  This depends on whether you’d like to build a website surrounding a particular passion or niche, or promote this highly diversified platform itself  (Affiliate Bootcamp).

The Reasons I Recommend Wealthy Affiliate University

1)  WA is a worldwide community of people with a common purpose and similar goals.  This means that there is an enormous group dynamic force where people share information, help and training, while building their own individual business.  There is no isolation when a technical or marketing problem is encountered, meaning one can ask for assistance and support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Points to Consider:

—  Websites of members are hosted on a private server, site information, administration and details are only accessible to you.

—  The interaction with other people is high-level, and after each lesson of each course, the focus is on you, as a student, looking for clarification and information, exchanges of experience and a flow of ideas for streamlining and improving site presence, and tips for effective, smart working.

— In addition, there is a live chat feature which allows for quick connects and answers.

— The owners of this platform, personally, are constantly involved and offering help in the platform threads.

— A state-of-the-art keyword tool is available, free of charge, from starter membership onwards.

— A world-class keyword tool company,, that can be accessed and used (highest traffic and conversion keywords).

— This program is completely free to try, with additional premium features, for 7 days.

Online university for business


As you’ve seen, this is quite incredible and easy to follow, and it isn’t even the beginning……keep reading……..


These are hard to find here, despite extensive research.  I found only a minor one:

— Every few months, updates are made, which make the personal profile statistics rumble a bit.  But nothing that isn’t restored to valid realtime within 24 hours.

Support services protect all site activity, they provide site backups on a high-frequency basis, and can be contacted directly if a problem arises.

Can I Get Spammed?

If a person attempts to spam the WA site, they will get banned, so there is no danger of solicitation or privacy violations.  The FAQ section of the site provides details, and rules of conduct. One thing that must be mentioned:  A premium member cannot downgrade. However, a membership can be cancelled, and the person is not penalized or discouraged from applying again at a later time.

A platform with education, and positive perspectives after education.


Online entrepreneur training


The Starter Membership

It is designed to get you earning, so you can upgrade to premium.  It exists in a large framework of tools (free of charge), including a WordPress-Site building base, WP being the leader worldwide, in this venue.

What if I know Nothing about Affiliate Marketing?

The Wealthy Affiliate training program was designed to “grip” for both experienced marketers as well as absolute beginners!


Internet business education


Professional affiliate marketers still reference this training to stay highly current in SEO matters, and to touch up their online skills.  I would definately recommend it to experts – I promise you won’t get bored here!

What Value can I expect from this Education, and what Types of Tools are available to me?

There is no shortage or lack of diversity in this training.  You will find progressing classes with a series of practically implementable tasks at their conclusion.  The brilliant part about this arrangement is that you are learning and building a business at the same time! Sounds scary?  Not when you realize that a whole network of people responds and interacts with you, including many top earners and the owners themselves.

The discussions at the end of the lessons are another great plus point.  People get direct help, exactly at the point of learning and site set-up they’re at, in a given moment.  The purpose of these follow-up threads is to accelerate understanding at all levels.  Problems get solved and questions answered.  Infographics, charts and images underline concepts and help people understand the popularity and effectiveness of their sites, how they are progressing, and starting to generate income.

Skill Subjects Worth Enrolling For

— Writing skill development and content creation classes – to help you create written material that is highly informative, engaging and answers the direct searches of internet users.

— Site-building skill with free web hosting on a Siterubix platform.

— Rapid Writer, a tool that helps you develop ranking skill with your content, on the search engines.

— Keyword study and research in progressing effectivity phases, using the Keyword Tool, or Jaaxy. Techniques like the “Alphabet Soup” , to find the most popular search terms.  Also, keyword list-building features to save time when planning your next post or page.

These are only a few of the features that come with your Wealthy Affiliate University Starter Account, although after 10 days, your premium features will expire, with a Free Account.  I assure you however, that using this tightly woven net of features, combined with Certification Courses and/or Bootcamp, will have you earning…

There is no need to wait.  Build a free website and embark on a journey, from which you will never look back…

What Response Quality in Terms of Support?

My experience is that of having questions answered very rapidly, and often from different angles and approaches, all relevant in nature. Usually, if I go off the site to check some mails, there’s two or three answers there already… Live Chat is even faster, when your fingers leave the keyboard, you can start counting the seconds…

There is also the option of contacting Kyle or Carson personally, for additional coaching and personal support, if you deem it necessary.  My experience tells me you won’t, though, because your needs are met, even as a beginner.

I state that Wealthy Affiliate University is a highly engaged and supportive help community, to be rated as clearly much higher than average…

What will I be Paying at Wealthy Affiliate University?

What does it cost?  What is included in the package?

WA membership grid

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of what you see in the left-sided column! The $0 starter option gives you access to the first course permanently p l u s premium features for the first seven days, allowing you to make enough experience to be in the position to make an informed decision – do I continue as a starter, or shall I upgrade to premium? (And there is absolutely no pressure to upgrade, although reminders will be there for your information).

And there’s the option to choose Premium, which, for $49 per month, opens up all services and the whole education program p l u s additional training and special Webinars every Friday, 24 – hr live chat and support. If you want to bypass re-billing completely, there is the opportunity of Yearly membership at $359 (Quite a discount!).


My Summary of the Product:  Wealthy Affiliate University

In my opinion, this is the most excellent affiliate marketing and website-building learning institution accessible today, due to its ability to provide people with skills they will need, even in their professional lives outside of this institution.  Implementing this education will give people the skills to make a living online.

It is completely Legit and Relevant as a top learning institution of today.

So I conclude my Wealthy Affiliate University Review, and thank you for your attention in reading it.  In my opinion, it is only right that I provide you the access to this amazing university, without further ado, and at the same price I paid for it, meaning $0.00 ( No Credit Card Required).

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If you have any comments or further questions about this product, or know a product that you would like reviewed by me on this site, please feel free to leave me a message below.

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Short update:  Dec. 28, 2016:

I’ve decided to add a short glimpse into the way the question-and-answer part of the WA platform works, feel free to have a look.