Writing for a target audience

Do you write for one reader, or for many?

If you’re a student in a higher semester, chances are, you’ve been approached to help with writing assignments from more junior college members, and some will gladly pay you some pocket money to help them pass that next test!

Overcome Writers Block Easily

What Are My True Resources?

Usually, people will feel flattered and oblige to help out.

After all, that pocket money, little though it is, sure can be a welcome boost….

Write to earn money, you’re thinking, but is the time always worth the effort?




Writing prompts writers block

What comes out in the end?

Probably not your palace of dreams, most likely not a nest egg that will sprout your next tuition payment, or let you enjoy some time off without worry….

Don’t get me wrong.  Helping the newbies is a great thing, and when you get the chance, it can be quite rewarding to both parties involved.

Both benefit from delving into the material, even at a more basic level, and you’ll often find, you have something of the teacher in you……

Is this writing for a living?

Help, Teacher!

But suddenly, you’re faced with your own essay, that needs to be submitted next week, a study or survey you should have organized helpers for, but….

Do those helpers, if you’ve made this unspoken thought connection, have time?

Especially, if they’d need to volunteer it!

Many would, I’m sure, but you can’t count on it happening…..

And you’re wishing there were more hours in the day, so you could get more paid assignments, maybe even an assistent teaching gig….

You wish there was a way to compress time. Multitask somehow, be several people with many hands and brains.

How to multitask effectively

I need some “Sametime”

But that’s not our reality.


Unless there’s a way we could manage this.  Share our knowledge with a whole group of interested people.  Who, in turn, have knowledge to share….

Who might also be interested to know how that can be done effectively, even profitably!

Can I help you help me?

Compressing time value

Do such solutions exist?



In the vast world of our fast-paced internet society, there is more than enough room for our writing to seek and find searching eyes, open minds, and yes, those shaky hands typing away, shortly before the end of the semester, in exam season….

And you wonder just how easy it would be to reach them, with your knowledge and answers in the subjects you excel at, and…..make a decent sideline income doing so!



….before your own exams!

Flow chart live

Getting into the flow

, which, I need not tell you, can work wonders for your concentration!

A worry-free conclusion to your third or fourth year, maybe beforehand, knowing things unfold better before a secure and centered person, and information is more easily absorbed…..

Centered and secure

A centered approach

That would improve the quality of your college existence into a college life, instead!

Perhaps you’ve heard similar propositions before.  Perhaps you owe it to yourself to walk away, if they leave a shallow impression on you.

Perhaps, no, with certainty, you have the right to “test the ropes” of what people are saying, and in some cases, promising.



One day soon, you’ll be a professional in a certain field of endeavor.  Your career gained and proven, on paper, unquestionable….


Diploma on the Wall

You’re a Professional!

You’ll be doing a different type of job-hunting.  You will have become something, officially, that you were not, before.

But for now, you’re still on your way to that goal, maybe five or six years away.

Perhaps University still lies before you, and the commitment that entails…..

And the cost factor!

Many people are in the position where they have to give up lifelong dreams and aspirations, because of the mundane, but stark reality of not having enough money to be able to fulfill them…..

And as college graduation draws nearer, you may start feeling a nagging uncertainty…..


Graduation Day Coming

Graduation Deadline

You need more time.

Because you need more money…..

You wish there was a solid way to utilize your talents and growing knowledge to help people, even now, when you’re in the middle of it, or perhaps just starting out.

You write well, you’ve learned it, and it seems, at this point that the world is choc-full of only manual jobs, that absolutely anyone can do.

Where are the writing opportunities?

How do I get what I know out there, and help myself in the process?


Make money writing blogs

The idea is there….

And yes, you dare to think it….

I can make money writing blogs!

How do I get the information to my readers?  How can I create a product and sell it?

After all, the readers of these books….


Bookworms paradise

Here’s the knowledge….

Are not reading them this way anymore, they’re looking for that content on the Internet!

And you know you can help them find what they need.  Chances are, you know some of these searchers personally, and there are MANY of them you don’t, and never will get a chance to meet…..

You are not alone with your favorite topic, or the subject matter that inspires you.  Locally, you may feel isolated in your endeavor.  But globally, within interest groups, forums, on websites and platforms, through chats and video connects, you will be surprised at the level of immersion you encounter, the wealth of information, the quality of authority reference available on just about any topic imaginable….

Yes.  It is possible to become an authority yourself.  It is possible to provide a learning experience for others.  And, this value can be traded for an income.

There are online universities which specialize in training people to achieve this goal.  The best approach is to take a look at several of them and compare them.  To read their testimonial areas, finding out what people have experienced after joining them.

Time should be taken for this.  Many offers are shortcuts, which don’t really deliver.  Do they have state-of-the-art training?  Do they answer questions and offer support?  How are they viewed by the government and anti-scam commissions?

It is worth your while to be sure.  To have a partnership with institutions that respect your future, and want to deliver value.

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